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Kathy’s House Board of Directors is a group of passionate individuals who believe in our cause.


They were assembled to ensure the foundation’s prosperity by collectively directing our operations, our affairs, and our events all while meeting the appropriate interests of our donors and future guests.

They voluntarily govern our policy and have fiduciary duties to protect the foundation’s assets.

We are very grateful for their commitment.


Norman R. Stenger

Norman is the Retired Chief of Police for the City of Glen Dale.  He is active in  his church and community.  Norman has a passion for people and operates a non-profit organization, Sandy Stenger Memorial Golf Scramble, in memory of his late wife, Sandy.  Norman’s input and drive for perfection is a great benefit to Kathys House Foundation.  Norman and Kathy had been friends for many, many years.

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Todd M. Thompson

Todd had a very special relationship with Kathy.  He was her firstborn child.  Todd knows first hand the hours of love that Kathy put into everything she did.  Kathy was a mother figure to all of the friends that Todd and his sister, Katie, would bring home.  She was always cooking for them and taking care of them in some way.  She was a mother “hen” to all.  Todd loves the work of this foundation and knows that his mother is well-deserving of the honor.


Barb & Mike Davis

Barb was a life-long friend of Kathy’s.  They attended school together and both chose the nursing career.  They worked together not only professionally, but also as friends, neighbors, and parents.  Barb was Kathy’s most dear friend for life. 

Mike is a Retired Pharmacist at Reynolds Memorial Hospital.  He was also a good friend.  Together, Barb & Mike share their Board of Directorship.  Kathy knew they came as a “pair” and we value their input and dedication.


Elliott Grisell

Elliott shares in the responsibility of operating the family business, Grisell Funeral Home.  He is active on many boards including the WVUMedicine-Reynolds Memorial Hospital board. Elliott genuinely cares about people and their needs. He is community-oriented and full of ideas.  Elliott’s commitment and dedication to  Kathy’s House Foundation makes him a great asset.


Lori DiCresce-Coen

Lori has been a lifelong friend of Jane & Kenn’s.   She is extremely detail-oriented and makes sure the job gets done.  Lori has the business and communication skills to be a good leader for Kathy’s House.  Lori and her husband, Bill, are very active in the fundraising efforts of the foundation.

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