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Thank you Thomas Family for being such wonderful guests!

Kathy's House donates bags to honor Veterans

We have donated hundreds of "Kathy Bags" again this year to honor our Veterans! We began donating bags in November 2016. Kathy passed just a few weeks later but was overjoyed that we could do something so worthy. We will continue this project each year to honor those who served or currently serve our great country. Kathy was born on Ft. Bliss Army Base in El Paso, Texas and has always admired those who've served. From the numerous family members, friends and neighbors to all who have dedicated part (or all) of their lives to serve our country, we thank you for your service to our Country!

Kathy's House would like to thank Magistrate Zac Allman & the Marshall County Commision for their continuing support of our Veteran's outreach. We also want to thank Revelent Church and The Experience Church for participating in our mission to honor Veteran's.

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