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Noah's Pantry: An Outreach of Kathy's House

Noah’s Pantry has become an outreach of Kathys House Foundation. Noah ‘s Pantry was founded 7 years ago when a little boy realized that kids were going to bed hungry. That little boy is Noah Grigsby, Kathy’s nephew.

By a child’s single act of kindness, many people get all the fixings for a Thanksgiving meal, a Christmas meal and other special times and times of need. Noah, along with his family, friends and volunteers, work all year long to provide for those who may be struggling.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Noah’s Pantry is handing out lunches from 11:00 -1:00 Monday-Friday to the community. Pickup and delivery (locally) are available. The lunches help parents who have to continue to work, shut-ins, children that are used to getting a meal at school or whatever the situation. Noah’s mom, Sarah, runs the daily operation while Noah, his dad and sister do the deliveries. Noah’s Pantry does adhere to the Social Distancing policies. While Marshall County Schools do have a Market Day where parents can pick up a prepacked bag for their children, Noah’s Pantry is there to offer supplemental food as well.

Noah continues his service as an extension of his Aunt Kathy.

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